• Image of  Georgian Style Lover's Eye Portrait Jewellery - OMARINA Heirloom Collection Large Brooch Pin

45mm x 35mm

The OMARINA Lover's Eye Brooch. Our lucky in love talisman.

"Lover’s eyes" are one of the most captivating pieces of jewellery from the Georgian period. Believed to have begun with the Prince of Wales in the late 18th century and his secret lover, Mrs. Fitzherbert who exchanged eye miniature portraits rather than full miniatures so they both would have “anonymous” love tokens to cherish. (The bearers being the only one who could identify the sitter!)
This charming custom took hold and the aristocracy and wealthy soon began exchanging these tokens of love and affection. The fashion lasted from late 1790 until around 1825. Most take the form of brooches - like this one. They are often of women’s eyes which leads one to believe that ultimately they may have been given as tokens of affection for sisters and friends, as these brooches were not commonly worn by men. In fact, very few male eyes are found at all!

Image trapped inside thick domed glass in the Georgian 'miniature lover's eye portrait' style.

Brooch frame and clasp are both in matching 'antique bronze' finish metal.

Hand made by us, here in the OMARINA studio.

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Images by OMARINA. Shot on location at Lochranza Castle on the Isle of Arran, Scotland.